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This week, our Meadowbrook Classes 6 & 7 have arrived back from their Gold D of E residential project to Bendrigg lodge in Cumbria. The residential was a huge success and the team really enjoyed the whole experience. All students took part in a wide variety of activities, including:
Zip Wire
Assault Course
Low Ropes Course
Indoor Caving
Fire Pit
And a very funky disco.
After observing the group throughout the residential, KYM Youth Worker Joey Fogg says
‘The most rewarding part was how the group socialised in the mornings and evenings. Everyone took on individual responsibilities without any fuss. From collecting the meals, washing pans and plates, helping to make beds and even brushing the Tatty Heads of fellow students. There were even tears from Ste Blackhurst when the guys faced their fears to climb the indoor wall to Melissa who cried when she had to clean the chocolate brownie pan’.
All in all, the group had a wonderful time, and the biggest outcome is the completed section on their journey to achieving the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
Some of the students have given journey statements below which show how far they have come whilst attending the Meadowbrook projects here at KYM.

Female Student

October 16
 ‘I was scared, first time I have been away from home without my parents’

March 17
‘I feel more confident, than I was, I am proud of myself and feel more grownup’

Male Student

October / November 16
‘At first I didn't want to go to please others, then I wanted to go to still please them’

January / February 17
‘I needed to take control and do things for me’

March 17
‘I don't feel like a kid anymore, I'm an adult’
Take a look at the image gallery below that has been compiled by the staff team. They are all very proud of what has been achieved by this group and keep an eye on our social media channels for many more achievements from our amazing Young People.

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