Councillors Q & A Session 03.09.15

On Thursday 3rd September, Jordan Butler who is a member of our Youth Parliament, met up with three local councillors (Councillor Eddie Connor, Councillor Terry Garland, Councillor Michael Murphy) to discuss her current campaign work. Jordan was able to conduct a short Question & Answer session with the Councillors. The contents of the session are below.

Fantastic work Jordan!!!

How did you first become involved with politics and how did you become a local councillor?

Cllr Eddie Connor - I started my career as a fire fighter and was a shop steward in the union which mainly involved speaking on behalf of employees and campaigning for better working conditions. I was also a member of the labour party for many years before standing as a local councillor.

Cllr Terry Garland – I also got interested in politics when I was a shop steward and learned the basics before moving on to community work.

Cllr Michael Murphy – I was brought up around politics and went on to also be a shop steward which led into local politics. The two are closely related.
What are the current issues in Northwood affecting the local community, and how as local councillors are you dealing with these issues?

Bedroom Tax– this has been the biggest concern both locally and nationally.  However we have only had six people visit the surgery in regard to the bedroom tax over the last year.
Royal Forestry Society awards- gaining this award was a huge piece of work which recognises the transformation of the Northwood Forest Hills site over a three year period from a little-used piece of land into a valued community resource. The programme also included planting 200 street trees to brighten the surrounding neighbourhood of Northwood.

What does being a local councillor involve?

Cllr Eddie Connor –on a typical day I spend three to four hours working as a cabinet member for wellbeing. Although depending on the event I could work up to ten hours. My main duties include leading on Campaigns sitting on boards to attending meeting and events.

Cllr Michael Murphy- with my role as deputy leader I could spend from seven to ten hours a day attending meetings, events or at the office.

Cllr Terry Garland – everyday is different an example of today’s work consisted of a phone call from a resident which took three hours to deal with as I had to find out a lot of information before I could go back and resolve the issue. I am now at this meeting before we start are weekly surgery.

How are the local community informed of your role and improvements to the area?

Promotion is a big part of our work throughout the year. The main format we use is leaflets, before the April elections we hand delivered 12,000 leaflets for local and national elections. We also post out a Christmas card to every house hold in Northwood from the three of us. The Christmas cards also have useful information and contact details for any support residents may need. Being local residents ourselves
Devised by Jordan Butler

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have an insight into the day to day running of your roles. Also the valuable feedback and advice you have given us for future campaigns.

We look forward to meeting again in the near future.

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