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ACE Youth Club

ACE Youth Club, is a youth club ran in a dedicated youth space designed by young people from the community in Stockbridge Village and is part of Stockbridge Village Leisure Centre.  The full case study which can be viewed below highlights to positive work that has taken place in ACE between April-June of this year and the impact it has had on the young people who attend the youth club.


For more information on ACE Youth Club please contact Keith Gabbidon-Thompson via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone 0151 443 5337

Kirkby Area

Address: Westvale Community Centre,
Richard Hesketh Drive, L32 0TZ
Contact Number: 0151 443 4466

Huyton Area

Address: The Youthy,
Woolfall Heath Ave, L36 3YE
Contact Number: 0151 443 5333

Our Place Youth Facility

Address: Our Place Youth Facility,
Longview Drive, L36 6EG
Contact Number: 0151 443 5323

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South Area

Address: Bryer Road Community Centre,
Bryer Road, L35 5DW
Contact Number: 0151 443 4542

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