What is The Lord Derby Award?


What is the Lord Derby Award?
The Lord Derby Award is an achievement award run exclusively by Knowsley Youth Mutual and is aimed at young people aged 9 – 13. Achieving the Award will help to develop new skills, confidence and a sense of adventure & responsibility.
What is involved?
The award consists of four sections, each of which must be completed in order to achieve the award. You can complete the award in just 12 weeks and your programme is tailored to YOU because you choose exactly what you want to do. You must complete a minimum of 3 hours per section but you can only count one hour of activity per week towards your award. The sections are...
1. Community Project
2. Physical
3. Skill
4. Adventurous Activity
Why do your Lord Derby Award?
You will help to make a difference to other people’s lives, you will contribute to your community and most of all you will have fun whilst learning new skills and enjoying different experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
You enter all of the information needed for each of the sections into your Lord Derby Award Participant Handbook. You collect the evidence for each section, like a photograph, report from your teacher, receipt from the swimming baths etc, which is then verified by an Assessor from Knowsley Youth Mutual. Remember, this is your evidence and must be completed in order to receive the award.

How can parents/carers help?
Parents, carers and leaders are invaluable in encouraging young people to maintain motivation and commitment, and reminding them to keep their Lord Derby Award booklet up to date. So, thank you in advance for your commitment and support of the ‘Lord Derby Award’. If you want to volunteer more time to the award, please speak to your Lord Derby Award leader.
How much does it cost?
The enrolment fee is £25.00 and is non-refundable. The rest of the award will have costs associated to it which can only be determined once activities have been chosen by the participants. For example, 3 weeks of water sports at Knowsley Outdoor Education Centre will cost £37.50 per person based on a group of 8 attending. 
Please complete the enrolment form (in your enrolment pack) and return it to your Lord Derby Award Leader, with cash or a cheque made payable to your school/group for £25.00.
Independent participants should contact Brian Rodgers (Outdoor Education/Activities Manager) using the details on the back page of this booklet.
When does it all take place?
Young people work either as a group or independently on all sections of the award. The Lord Derby Award leader will organise a day and time to suit the whole group, or participants can take part in independent activities on a day and time that suits them.

Kirkby Area

Address: Westvale Community Centre,
Richard Hesketh Drive, L32 0TZ
Contact Number: 0151 443 4466

Huyton Area

Address: The Youthy,
Woolfall Heath Ave, L36 3YE
Contact Number: 0151 443 5333

Our Place Youth Facility

Address: Our Place Youth Facility,
Longview Drive, L36 6EG
Contact Number: 0151 443 5323

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South Area

Address: Bryer Road Community Centre,
Bryer Road, L35 5DW
Contact Number: 0151 443 4542

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