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This weekend (28th November 2015) witnessed the launch of our innovative new project Big Love My Brother. Funded by the Big Lottery, and delivered jointly by KYM and Big Love Sista, the project aims to explore wellbeing and mental health of men and boys using creative approaches, art and rites of passage to achieve this.

A huge thank you to all the men who showed up this weekend for the first Lads and Leaders Weekend and thank you for all the apologies of those who couldn’t make it. 


This weekend was one of the most profound weekends of my life and many of the men and lads have shared that its been one of the best experiences of their lives - YES it is that good!  


….A mum who brought her son with learning difficulties shared her families experience of Big Love My Brother 


 "What a fantastic weekend it was so amazing to be a part of such amazingness,  different ages and from all different backgrounds - so many fabulous men and fabulous young men. My jack and myself are still on a natural high an still feeling so good about having such an emotional fun exciting weekend with are new brothers. I just can't express the experience of love an happiness it has brought to back to my home . Thankyou so much everyone that made that fantastic weekend happen and thankyou to all them fantastic men an young men for sharing parts of their life an having such a fun energetic brilliant weekend. See each other soon DEFINITELY…. Jack cant stop taking about it THANKYOU EVERY ONE 


….and from the male leaders  


"So, this weekend I've rowed a boat, discovered I can shoot arrows and hit a target, shared some deep and wonderful experiences in Zurt / Yurt in the wind and rain and started to paint a self portrait with lads and male leaders from across Knowsley and Liverpool... If the opportunity arises again ignore your misgivings and insecurity , just go for it! Thank you Clare Campbell and Knowsley Youth Mutual 


“the most inspiring weekend of my life - life changing”  


“A vision of whats possible”  


"I can't even begin to tell you how amazing and inspiring this weekend has been, I've been lifted and inspired to a whole new level. Men are creative, men have feelings, men have emotions but it's how in a safe space this can be shown, with male suicide and pressure of expectancy on the rise I have now learnt that now more than ever we need to support males in a world were its ok not to be ok. I thank u for having me be part of big love big brother. He ain't heavy he's my brother ”  


“ we need to take this across the northwest, leaders can offer so much to their communities and lads will become leaders" 


….and from the lads 


"I think its great to be able to share difficult feelings and let go” 


“can we come back every weekend”  


“thank you leaders for sharing your stories and time it meant the world” 


We are currently collating hundreds of photographs and hours of footage and will be coming back to you later this week with a preview of the film and more info. 


Meanwhile you can find brilliant photos and feedback at our dedicated Facebook page 


Tweet us at @clarewildwoman @KnowsleyYM @biglovesista 


Dates for your diary


The next dates for meeting up Our place, Knowsley Youth Mutual are as follows - if you try to come to as many as you can to get your paintings finished / started and to help the lads plan their conference … could you email us and let us know which ones you can do…and please book the day off for our conference and maybe ask your colleagues to put it in their diary- if each male leader brought four friends/workmates we could fund the whole amazing event! 


There will also be opportunity to learn some songs for the conference and be in the very first performance of the Big Love My Brother Choir … and to take part in training to help you facilitate lads and leaders circles in the future….. 


12th Jan  5.30 8.30pm @ Our place, Knowsley Youth Mutual
13th Jan 5.30- 8.30pm 
 18th Jan 5.30- 8.30pm
 28th Jan 5.30- 8.30pm
2nd Feb   5.30- 8.30pm

11th Feb 5.30- 8.30pm 

The Big Love My Brother National Conference:   18th February 11-4pm (The Venue, Civic Way, Huyton) 
to purchase tickets CLICK HERE


With Big Love, 


Sandra Richardson, Clare Campbell and all the staff and volunteers at Knowsley Youth Mutual 

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