The Big Idea Background

We are always looking for exciting ways to engage with our Young People and there are no bigger examples of this than 'The Big Idea' Workshops!

Young People from across Knowsley came together to give their views helping to design a funding bid that we have made to The Big Lottery to fund positive activities. If we are successful, there is a potential for up to £250,000 per year over 3 years - so that's £750.000 in total if we get it... Exciting stuff hey!

So, how do we know that our Young People want positive activities???  Well, we asked them and here are some of the great ideas our Young People came up with... 





Kirkby Area

Address: Westvale Community Centre,
Richard Hesketh Drive, L32 0TZ
Contact Number: 0151 443 4466

Huyton Area

Address: The Youthy,
Woolfall Heath Ave, L36 3YE
Contact Number: 0151 443 5333

Our Place Youth Facility

Address: Our Place Youth Facility,
Longview Drive, L36 6EG
Contact Number: 0151 443 5323

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South Area

Address: Bryer Road Community Centre,
Bryer Road, L35 5DW
Contact Number: 0151 443 4542

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