Youth Voice & Participation (Youth Parliament)


Democratic Voice


To ensure the voice of children and young people is included in decision-making processes and service design, delivery and evaluation. The service has established a robust reporting framework for young people, to ensure their voice informs decision-makers, service and policy development.  The Knowsley Youth Mutual (KYM) network is part of a recognised Children and Young People's Governance Structure, which includes Knowsley Youth Parliament and MADE Children Looked After/Leaving Care Group. The KYM network has over 114 different groups, services and organisations that make up the network of circa 5,000 local children and young people. This accounts for nearly 14% of all young people in Knowsley.  The KYM website, Young Advisors Website Twitter, and Facebook are also important mechanisms for engagement, which provides a broad ‘virtual’ young people’s network. 


KYM manage young people’s involvement in United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP) locally, regionally and nationally, and co-ordinate UKYP Elections to enable young people 11-18 from across the borough to have an opportunity to stand for election and vote. 

Knowsley Youth Parliament is an open forum, for any young person aged 11-20 years in the borough who is interested in having a voice in their local community, across the borough and at a regional and national level.  For more information about Knowsley Youth Parliament check out its page by clicking here.